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Procedures for a Prosperous Ecology is a dual-screen video installation illustrating the new existence of a familiar system generated through our interactions with cyberspace. It examines our reliance on water and its physical traits which has become an essential component in the data cycle.

The work is the result of an initial investigation into Ireland’s role as the “Data Centre Capital” where large levels of moisture populate the air, attracting hundreds of multinational corporations to house their data within. Similar to many European countries, Ireland is heavily reliant on it’s environment to generate economy, while corporations rely on individuals to contribute their data. Evidently, the proposed cycle references the physical housing of this data and its adaption to particular aspects within our environmental system, reimagining it as a more natural cycle we are subjected to.

The work examines the political ramifications of the viewer’s existence within this cycle, prompting actions derived from our physical recorded interactions with virtual space. Aiming to illustrate the individual’s stance in relation to the corporation and their dual role as both a consumer and a product within this free labour data system, it very subtly situates these intricate bodily movements within a larger functioning cycle of productivity fuelled by corporate bodies within a capitalist world.

Sound Producer: Kevin Smith

Voice Actor: Jeffrey Smith

Photos: Jonathan Sammon

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